As children of the information age, we haven’t just seen technology revolutionise the world around us – we’ve lived it. The last 25 years of tech have marked a rapid expansion of ‘household names’ in the industry, with technology becoming more and more integrated with the world around us. This ever-growing list of technology companies expands each year – Amazon (1994), Google (1998), Paypal (1998), SpaceX (2002), Facebook (2004), Youtube (2005), Twitter (2006), Uber (2008), Airbnb (2009), Snapchat (2011), etc.

Unlike so many other industries which are dominated by a few select corporations, technology offers anyone the ability to innovate not just locally but on a global scale – and all of this in a matter of months. Every day, millions of dollars are being poured into startups all around the world. These seedlings of the technology industry, spanning a vast array of interests and fusing technology into every other industry, these small companies, these teams, and these ideas, will revolutionise the world around us.

The Googles, the Facebooks, the Ubers and the Snapchats of the future are here right now. And just like these tech behemoths of the modern age were as recently as a few years ago; they’re starting small, getting funding, and scaling up.

Of course, even ignoring the dot-com bubble, we could fill an entire blog with examples of failed companies people once thought were destined for greatness. We aren’t venture capitalists (yet), and we don’t claim to be able to pick out the next unicorns. But if you’re interested in the newest innovations, the path of the industry or startup culture in general, then tag along.

The next decade is going to be one hell of a ride.