Ad Lightning scores $2M in seed funding – can they crack bad ads?


AdLightning is a “business intelligence” service for digital publishers

Ad Lightning, an adtech company targeting ad quality for publishers, raised $2M in seed funding from Sinclair Digital Ventures today. Ad Lightning, which is a self-described “business-intelligence” service for digital publishers, offers a number of ad quality tools to help publishers identify adverts which impede user experience.

Since the boom of digital web advertising, a huge amount of websites have been reliant upon advertising revenue to survive. Unfortunately, many advertisers knowingly and unknowingly serve damaging adverts to their partners which can ruin user experience or spread malware. As a veteran web publisher (with time spent with Yahoo!, MSNBC, Microsoft and cat-loving network Cheezburger) Ad Lightning CEO John More knows this pain all too well. Poor advertising, and out-and-out malvertising, are very big and very real problems faced by all digital publishers – so it’s great to see a startup adding value in this field

“I’ve spent most of my career as a web publisher, so this is a personal mission for me,” said Moore. “The ad-supported publishing business may not exist in five years if tools like Ad Lightning are not adopted by the industry. Unchecked, consumers will continue to suffer from deteriorating user experiences until they download an ad blocker and kill the revenue model. Ad Lightning is the toolkit I wish I’d had as a publisher because it solves digital publishers’ biggest pain point. We’re thrilled to have Sinclair’s backing as well as their participation as a strategic partner.”

Offering a propriety ad quality solution to publishers could significantly improve both revenue and user experience for a huge amount of online publishers. My personal experience here is that no matter your technology, and no matter your team, a bad apple will occasionally slip through your net. If Ad Lightning can really balance the delicate equation between revenue and UX then we’re sure this is the first of many successful rounds of funding for them.

We’ll be watching with baited breath.

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