Charitable fundraising app uBack scores $2M to revolutionise charitable giving


The uBack app increases donations to nonprofits, improves employee participation in giving programs and streamlines corporate matching of charitable gifts

Charitable fundraising app uBack scored a $2M seed funding round yesterday, a significant milestone for the company.

uBack, which is aiming to bridge the gap between personal and corporate charity by offering a number of services to streamline “giving” by blending technology and charity together to lower the barrier to entry of donating, was founded in October, 2014 and has been gradually gaining use and brand recognition since then.

By helping capture even a fraction of the $10B in corporate matching dollars left on the table each year and by lowering the barrier to entry for personal donations, we believe uBack can revolutionise charitable giving and make a real significant, positive, impact to the world.

In an increasingly mobile world, by engaging donors through an app non-profits gain a vital foothold into modern life. Crucially however, the benefits cut both ways, and allowing non-profits to send push notification to donors to demonstrate how their contribution has helped others encourages a feeling of engagement by demonstrating that donations really do help.

uBack is now working with almost 200,000 non-profits and has recently partnered with Charity Navigator (the USA’s largest independent charity evaluator) which uBack hopes will grow their partnered non-profits to 800,000 in the upcoming months.



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