HyperTrack gains $1.5M capital injection in seed funding round lead by Social Capital


HyperTrack – The easiest way to implement tracking for developers

HyperTrack, a location stack solution for an on-demand world, raised $1.5M in a seed round this week in a funding round lead by Social Capital.

By reducing the complexity of building and operating location infrastructure to just a few easy APIs, Hypertrack is hoping to revolutionise location tracking through hyper accurate (and low battery consumption) location tracking. In a world dominated by “on-demand” technology startups (eg, Uber), many startups find themselves in vital need of exactly the services HyperTrack provides and we have no doubt they will be able to rapidly grow a loyal customer base.

Having already tracked over 1M miles (and almost 10M hours at the time of writing), HyperTrack are able to offer a tried-and-tested service allowing startups and corporates alike to gain accurate and fast analytics without damaging UX or incurring hefty charges.

By combining real time filtering of location data noise with high efficiency battery usage and accurate ETA calculations (using driver and vehicle profiles), we feel HyperTrack are making great strides towards offering a scalable and reliable solution for location tracking that many companies desperately need.

We look forward to seeing HyperTrack’s growth over 2017 and beyond – we’re sure it won’t be long until their name is synonymous with location service and development!


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