POPS! Diabetes Care nets $1.2M in seed funding to help empower diabetic patients

Pops Diabetes Care

POPS! Diabetes Care empowers diabetic patients to live their lives to the fullest

POPS! Diabetes Care, a meditech company aiming to improve the quality of life for diabetic patients by bringing technological revolution to diabetes management, has raised $1.2M in seed funding this week from healthcare innovation backer TreeHouse Health.

POPS!’ solution offers an integrated blood glucose meter that fits on the back of your phone, a mobile app to enhance self-management, and a web app to enhance supported-management. By empowering diabetic patients and utilising the latest technologies to provide simple and analytical glucose tracking, POPS! is modernising diabetes management for an estimated 3,000,000 Americans – and that’s even before moving into the worldwide health market.

By combining a glucose monitoring solution with data collection for self management and big data analysis, POPS! is the latest in a string of meditech startups which are aiming to combine modern technology with medical analytics to bring real, life-changing, benefits to their users.

The investment, which represents part of an industry trend in meditech products over the last few years, is the second funding round raised by POPS!, who also raised an additional $500k in debt financing in February 2016. Having already secured collaboration with local organisation Children’s Minnesota (one of the largest childrens healthcare providers in the USA), we have no doubt that POPS! will continue to build and expand their product in order to modernize healthcare for diabetic patients worldwide.

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