RDnote selected for $250k seed investment to help hospitals increase quality of care


RDnote is a digital health startup that helps hospital systems increase quality of care

New Orleans based digital health startup RDnote was selected by the Lafayette General Foundation to receive a $250k seed investment through the Healthcare Innovation Fund [HIF] this week.

RDNote, which provides hospital systems with a unique nutrition care practice model to manage and customize for patients at high-risk of chronic disease. Aiming to improve the quality of care for patients struggling with chronic conditions (such as congestive heart failure and diabetes), RDNote was an excellent candidate for the HIF.

The seed funding will allow RDnote to pilot it’s product with the Lafayette General Health System and accelerate growth to secure partnerships with other hospital systems in the Gulf coast region.

Found Molly Hegarty previously worked as a nutritionist designing wellness programs to improve the health of offshore oilfield workers in the Gulf of Mexico before developing RDnote – designed as a way to combine her experience as a registered dietitian with extensive skills in software product marketing.

By working with patients and healthcare providers to change the way nutrition care is integrated into medicine and technology, RDnote hopes to make a real difference to patients with chronic diseases, and by helping healthcare providers increase both quality of care and revenue, RDnote is sure to be seen favorably by the healthcare industry.

We’re keen to see how RDnote uses the seed funding to expand their services and wish them luck on their mission to improve the lives of people with chronic diseases by providing the highest quality nutrition care both in clinical settings and at home.



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