Spoiler Alert closes $2.5M in seed funding to tackle food wastage in the US

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert builds technology that empowers the world to minimise food waste

Spoiler Alert, a scalable technology solution to help companies across the United States (and in the future, worldwide) manage food wastage has raised $2.5M in seed funding this week in a funding round led food-VC specialists Acre Venture Partners.

Working with food businesses, farms and nonprofits to create or recover value from surplus food and organic waste, Spoiler Alert offers a scalable technology platform with a plethora of features to help tackle food wastage. From real-time management of food donations and distribution networks to fulfilment coordination, accounting and metric tracking, Spoiler Alert is aiming to offer a complete solution to a growing environmental and business problem.

Moving towards a zero-waste society is a true ‘optimal goal’ for the human race, and by providing businesses a clear financial reason for tackling this issue, we’re hopeful they’ll be able to make great steps forward.

USDA’s Economic Research Service estimates that between 30-40% of food in the US is wasted, costing the economy and businesses hundreds of billions of dollars per year (estimates from 2010 were approximately $160B). Offering a solution to businesses which allows them to recoup some of the losses from surplus food and waste is a brilliant way to add value, and we’re hopeful we’ll see Spoiler Alert expanding to foreign markets soon to help tackle the problem internationally.


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