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“Our revenue grew by 47% after subscribing to the leads from GotFunded. This month we closed a $25,000/year PR deal.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  – Mike Berk, Owner of Berk Comms.

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Simply enter your email and you’ll receive your first leads immediately.


Growth marketing consultants and firms utilize the report to work with up-and-coming startups and companies.


Our startup clients use the report to find recently funded companies for partnerships and sales.


VC funds, individual investors, crypto investors, and private equity firms use our report to identify possible opportunities.

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Shawn Morgan

Clear Brands – Owner

We like the way leads are organized. The value prop is clear for our sales team.

Sandra Klein

Studio Beast – Sales Coach

Neat way to send us monthly leads. No clutter, this has saved us time and optimized sales process.

Marco Gomez

Beam – Marketing Manager

I’ve probably used 5 or 6 leads services, GotFunded leads dunks on every single one of them. Less thinking!

Patrick Lin

Tradespot – Co-Founder

Would highly recommend GotFunded. We did close an extra $300k with a client this quarter.

Jessi Peterson

Freight Unlimited – VP of Operations

I am tired of using D&B Hoovers and checking them manually on GotFunded buys me MORE time!

Kelsey Ridder

Food Dudes – Senior Leads

GotFunded has increased my connections by at least 500%. Simply by getting more leads every month!

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$399 / month

Start gathering leads in minutes.

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  • Receive a leads on the 1st of every month (~500 leads)
  • Past 3 month leads (~1500), each containing 30+ data points.
  • Company’s outsourcing needs.
  • Verified company and CEO email address.
  • 300+ hours of painful research across databases.



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$9,995 / month

We’ll do everything for you.

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  • Everything in the Growth Plan.
  • 2000+ leads with founder profiles.
  • Guaranteed 10 warm intros per month.
  • 0% commission rate, 3 month commitment.
  • Weekly updates and reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you getting these leads?

Each month our team spends at least 300 hrs collecting leads from publicly available databases, news sources, blogs, and social media.

We then research each startup on the list to add over 20+ data points and fields. The Airtable document is sent to all subscribers via e-mail. Example – On Sept. 1, you will receive all companies that were funded in the month of August.

Who is currently subscribed to GotFunded Report?

We have agencies, startups, marketers, investors and busy founders as our clients.

There is opportunity for IT agencies, marketing agencies, branding firms, SEO agencies, law firms, paid-ad agencies, B2B startups and their sales teams, angel investors and VC firms to subscribe.

Why do I need GotFunded?

Time is our most valuable nonrenewable resource. We’ll get you all the right data points and set your team for success when it comes to propsecting and closing deals.

How many startups are in each monthly report?

Each monthly report gets you 500+ recently funded startups. The Airtable document is sent to all subscribers via e-mail. Example – On Sept. 1, you will receive all companies that were funded in the month of August.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Send us an e-mail at

What’s on this report?

We include at least 25 data points for companies such as outsourcing needs, key stakeholder’s social media and verified e-mail, funding dare, funding amount, tech stack, current challenges and so on.

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